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New Intercomrades


At Intercom, we are always hiring driven, passionate people to join our team. Meet our newest team mates!

Jennie, Danny, Daniel & Rich

Jennie Li is a talented designer who joins our marketing team in San Francisco to design a host of promotional and internal materials, and contribute to Intercom’s overall image. More about Jennie:

  • She’s a Bay Area native who just happily returned to SF after a 3-year stint in Chicago, where she experienced one of the coldest, most record-breaking winters ever.
  • She was pre-med in college, and spent her time memorizing fun things like the name of every bone in the human body.
  • After picking up photography in high school, she has accumulated a small collection of film and digital cameras; a few are even older than her!

New ops engineer Danny Fallon is an experienced PHP developer, having worked previously at two other Dublin tech companies. He’s picking up Ruby remarkably quickly, and has been kicking ass on a number of monitoring and alarming projects for the infrastructure team. Danny also…

  • is a Dublin GAA season ticket holder for both football and hurling, and spends most weekends at matches
  • worked for Boards.ie (as did Paddy O’Brien on our team), and most recently at EXADS, an advertising platform-as-a-service startup
  • wrote his first program as a 14 year old. It was a quiz app to help his younger sister learn multiplication and division tables.

Daniel Harris joins us as product marketing manager. He’ll be working with Matt on brand new marketing strategies for Intercom. Daniel has already contributed plenty of hustle, and we’re excited to have him on our team. More about Daniel:

  • Before Intercom, he held a product marketing role in the video game industry.
  • He is an action sports enthusiast.
  • He had never had a Guinness prior to working with us! We’re proud to have sponsored his first.

Rich Archbold, our Director of Ops, joins us from Facebook, where he worked as a site reliability operations manager. Prior to that, he worked at Amazon for nearly eight years. He has a vast amount of experience running teams and software at scale. Rich also…

  • was Amazon’s first hire in Ireland and helped grow Amazon Dublin to be a 200+ strong engineering company.
  • is the proud father of 3 children: 2 1/2 year old twins Sarah & Leah, and 6 month old Dylan.
  • Loves traveling, and spent a year around Southeast Asia & Australia – he even hiked the Inca trail in Peru on honeymoon.

Sara, Aaron & Joe Lambe

Coming to us from Atlassian, Sara Yin joins our marketing team in San Francisco as content marketing manager. We’re excited to have her help documenting and sharing the amazing stories we keep hearing from our customers. Sara…

  • was born in Memphis and has lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, New York City, and Atlanta.
  • started out as a journalist – her first job was as a dating advice columnist.
  • was once dragged into a chainsaw throwing act in Italy – and survived.

Manager of communications Aaron Forman also hails from Atlassian, where he was a communications specialist. We’re delighted to have his help communicating to the world what we stand for through a wide range of mediums. Aaron:

  • is a fan of both the Baltimore Orioles and the SF Giants (opposite coasts, opposite leagues, but same team colors),
  • has skied for at least 10 days per year for the past 10 years,
  • grew up on a farm, but swears he’s in no way a farmer!

Joe Lambe, previously with Atlassian and PagerDuty, is our director of demand generation. Joe will apply his vast experience to make sure that more people hear about Intercom, so that we can continue to delight new customers. Some more about Joe:

  • He recently spent a few weeks traveling around the world to southern France, Germany, Costa Rica, and Austin, TX – just to name a few locations.
  • He likes to ski, even in the midst of California’s ongoing drought.
  • Joe is an avid biker, and (willingly) wakes up at 5am daily to go biking before work. He is even training for the Death Ride this summer!

Oliver, Daphne & Hongyuan

Oliver Nash is an incredibly gifted mathematician, who solves hard problems in his spare time. He excelled applying his analytical and creative thinking to work in currency markets and high frequency trading. He’s always been a keen technologist, and his blog gives a glimpse into how he combines curiosity, mathematics, technology and creativity with fascinating results. Oliver joined our product engineering team, and we’re excited about the unique and extra dimensions he brings. More about Oliver:

  • His favorite sport is table tennis.
  • He spent 6 years working in finance as a quant (quantitative associate): one year at a hedge fund followed by five years at a proprietary trading firm, both in Dublin.
  • He’s got a doctorate in geometry from Oxford University. He’s still actively interested in math, and even had two peer-reviewed papers accepted last year!

Palo Alto native Daphne Crane is joining us as manager of events and community. Daphne has returned to San Francisco after spending two years abroad in Amsterdam working as a marketing coordinator for Atlassian. We look forward to having a presence at more events with Daphne’s help. More about Daphne:

  • She traveled to 40 conferences all over Europe last year.
  • Growing up, she had a vintage jukebox in her back yard, making Roy Orbison and The Beatles her music idols from a young age.
  • She is a kick-ass canoer!

Hongyuan Jiang joins us as the first product designer on the growth team. Before Intercom, Hongyuan worked as a designer at 23andMe and earned her MA in Human Computer Interaction Design from Indiana University. We’re thrilled to have Hongyuan and excited to see her impact on the growth team, and Intercom.

  • She used to work as a journalist in mainland China, and then decided to come to the US to study new media’s effect on democracy at age 21.
  • She’s an origami zealot, and sold origami work at age 7.
  • She’s an avid photographer, and even won a photography competition in the US!

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