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New Intercomrades


Intercom is always hiring passionate people to join our team. We’re happy for you to meet our newest team mates!

Dale, Emma, Paddy & Russ

Dale Cantwell, iOS Engineer, has a good eye for detail, and hustle to get things done quickly. He crushed our starter project, and has been making solid contributions ever since. More about Dale:

  • He is a big American Football fan, and probably the only Minnesota Vikings supporter in Ireland,
  • He has released a game on the Xbox 360 called CRON, and also enjoys developing Android apps,
  • He plays harmonica as well as guitar and banjo.

Emma Meehan joins us as our first Design Researcher – she will help us gain a deeper insight into our users’ needs and behavior. Her background as a designer will help turn her insights into things we build and ship! More about Emma:

  • With a background in mobile UX, she likes to find bugs in apps, and then gets annoyed that she can’t fix them herself,
  • She went to Space Camp in Alabama at age 16, and is scarred from being made to eat fried chicken and tater tots for breakfast,
  • She can spot bad kerning on signs from (on average) 1.7km away.

Product Engineer Paddy O’Brien was most recently the lead engineer on one of Ireland’s biggest online properties adverts.ie, and boards.ie before that. He’s very much an all-rounder, with the knowledge and experience to go very deep when needed. Paddy…

  • Has played the piano since age 4,
  • Once had a song he wrote played on national radio,
  • Has designed and built a radio controlled tri-copter from scratch!

Russ Thau joins us as Director of Sales–our first ever sales role! Russ comes from Box, and previously SuccessFactors, with a wealth of experience selling business software. More about Russ:

    • Started his first web site in 1994 selling t-shirts that he created with his brother, which got him through all of his business classes in college, plus a little beer money,
    • Was the first externally hired Manager at Box brought in to bring adult supervision before their hyper-growth started,
    • His 3 year old son can consistently hit a golf ball 30+ yards!

Gustavs, Cormac, Brian & Megan

Gustavs Cirulis joins us from Draugiem.lv, where he was the Lead Designer. He has relocated from Riga to Dublin to help us with Product Design, and we’re delighted that he did! Here’s some more about Gustavs:

  • Gustavs was Lead Designer at Draugiem.lv, which is the largest social network in Latvia – still even more popular than Facebook,
  • When he was 13 he created custom levels for Max Payne and other games with his friends,
  • Before getting his first design job, he worked as a developer. He switched because he loves figuring out what’s the best way an interface should work.

Cormac McGuire, Product Engineer, cares deeply about the craft, has an entrepreneurial background, and a strong involvement in the community. Not only has he been shipping great changes since week one, he’s done so while also improving a bunch of things he’s touched. More about Cormac:

  • He runs the DublinJS Developer Meetup,
  • He spends most of his spare time being a new dad,
  • He used to be a circus performer – one of his routines involved a bowling ball being dropped on him while he was lying on a bed of nails!

Brian Donohue joins us as a Product Manager after many years in UX consultancy and leading large design teams in educational publishing. He is well known in the Irish UX scene and we’re lucky that he has decided to join us! More about Brian:

  • The best part of his last job was getting to watch young kids use the products he designed,
  • Originally from Maryland, USA, he has lived the ex-pat life in Ireland for a dozen years,
  • He started out his career in neuroscience research, but quit after just 6 weeks. Academia clearly wasn’t for him.

Megan Sheridan comes from an Arts Management background, and (fittingly) has been brought on as Executive Assistant to our VPs in Dublin. We’re fortunate to her have proactivity and organization to help us out. More about Megan:

      • She earned the highest academic degree in Business and Arts Management in IADT in 2012,
      • She likes to play with rubix cubes, and can play piano as well as Spanish guitar,
      • She has an online vintage store that she runs in her spare time that sells pieces all over the world. She handpicks pieces on buying trips in Europe.

Interesting in Joining?

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