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New Intercomrades


Intercom is always hiring talented, driven people to join us in building something impactful. We’re excited to introduce the amazing team mates we’ve recently added!

Colin, Louise & Brendan

Colin Bentley joins us from iQ Content. We’re excited for Colin to apply his broad and deep design experience to his Product Management role at Intercom. In his own words, he “loves obsessing over the details that make great product, combining the different roles within his team and making it more than the sum of its parts.” Here’s more about Colin:

  • He comes from a design background having been head of UX at his last gig, and he’s really enjoying bringing a design slant to his new role,
  • He rocked out at Glastonbury 1982, aged 6 weeks old (hippy parents to blame),
  • He spends time outside work with his family, himself and his wife running around after two kids and a dog.

Louise Tiernan joins our Design team having previously designed iOS medical apps, some of which featured as best of 2013 in the app store! In her own words she “loves to think about the big impact that little things can have – how the tiniest interaction design details can make boring workflows & tasks enjoyable.” Louise also…

  • Loves to travel far and wide, but is currently on a mission to see and enjoy more of Ireland,
  • Is a fan of most things water and sea related, and is working up the courage to learn to dive. She’s even got half a sleeve paying homage to marine life,
  • Has always been passionate about the possibilities of mobile, and for a college project in the pre iPhone era created an mLearning application which ran on a PDA!

Brendan Fagan just relocated to Dublin to join the Intercom Design team. Previously he worked at Mobiata/Expedia, helping improve traveling experiences with the very beautifully executed Expedia and FlightTrack apps. In his own words he “has the most fun when designing useful, simple, and beautiful products. Where the details are noticeable to not just other designers, but the everyday user as well.” Brendan…

  • Just moved from San Francisco, where he worked with some amazing designers and engineers on Flight Track apps among others,
  • Got started in design making forum signatures (sigs!) on a pirated version of Photoshop 10 at the impressionable age of 14,
  • Originally was going to get a degree in history, but “starving historian” doesn’t sound as romantic as the other one…

Conor, Brian & Pat

Conor Nugent has a strong academic and commercial background in Machine Learning, even involving actual lasers! Still, Conor is always very practical, having built large production systems and not just experiments. Perhaps atypically, despite being familiar with the most complex techniques, will always be the first to advocate staying simple. Here’s more about Conor:

  • He enjoys the outdoors, flinging himself down the slopes of mountains and using surfing as an excuse to splash about in the sea,
  • He owns 2 guitars, but owing to a complete lack of patience, can only play about 2 songs,
  • He once wrote some software to simulate the evolutionary origins of redheads!

Brian White joined us having spent 4 years building out fundamental parts of AWS software infrastructure at Amazon. He’s a fantastic engineer with an eye for product, and focus and understanding of the customer, and most impressively, a continual drive to help us improve everything we do. More about Brian:

    • He has written brewery automation software in his spare time,
    • He has built and sailed a small boat from scratch,
    • He’s never seen Star Wars.

Pat O’Callaghan has an amazing mix of attention to detail, creativity, strong code organization skills, deep knowledge of front-end engineering, a keen and pragmatic interest in new and better approaches and tools, and experience building component libraries for large apps. He arrived at the perfect time for our rapidly growing team. Pat…

      • Has travelled and backpacked to over 20 countries. Highlights include been given a tour of a prison by inmates in Bolivia and crashing a plane while towing it in Cape Cod,
      • Is obsessed with front-end technologies, building responsive websites and trying to wrangle large codebases to be modular, scalable and maintainable,
      • Has lived in Auckland, New Zealand for the past 5 years with his fiancé, but came home to Ireland as they are expecting their first baby!

Lorcan, Gavin & Sabrina

Lorcan Coyle, like Conor, has an exceptional academic background. Both coming from Machine Learning, and both learning machines! Lorcan oozes enthusiasm and has already made a steady stream of improvements to the product. Here’s a bit more about Lorcan:

      • He has written a bunch of papers on machine learning, pervasive computing, and software engineering,
      • He discovered and published flaws in the algorithms used to count elections in the (now defunct) Irish electronic voting system,
      • He is passionate about home insulation, and thinks you should be too!

Gavin Joyce is a thoughtful and pragmatic ruby engineer. He is helping us move Intercom from a monolithic rails app towards a service oriented architecture. He has a good deal of experience with decoupling large applications and has made a significant amount of progress in his first two weeks. Gavin also…

      • Organises Ember.js Dublin and regularly speaks at Ruby Ireland,
      • Plays the guitar and records music in a little home studio,
      • Is learning to fly in a Cessna 182!

Sabrina Gordon joins us as an Engineer on the Customer Success team in San Francisco, having recently relocated from Boston. She’s been an asset to the team and to our customers since day one. With a background in pure mathematics and having interned at MIT as a rocket scientist (yes – rocket scientist), we’re really excited about having her onboard. More about Sabrina, in her own words:

      • I write and perform standup comedy in hopes to both impress and embarrass my dad at the same time,
      • I played Varsity (Blues) lacrosse at Oxford for a year even though I wasn’t technically supposed to as a visiting student,
      • I got a (junior) black belt in kempo karate when I was 10 that has proven quite useless for anything other than listing interesting facts about myself.

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