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Welcome new Intercomrades


At Intercom, we hire talented people who are passionate about our mission of changing how internet businesses and their customers communicate. We’re delighted to introduce the latest additions to the team.

Brian Scanlan, Kelly, Joe & Henry

Brian Scanlan joins Intercom after just over 6 years at Amazon in a mix of engineering and management positions. We are really excited about what Brian brings with him in terms of experience and he is already making an outstanding impact on our infrastructure team. Brian already shared his impressions of his first few weeks with Intercom. More about Brian:

  • is with his girlfriend (now wife) for over half his life, and has two children: Euan (4) and Dara (<1).
  • has been playing the same game of Football Manager for over 4 years, and is into his 52nd season with an obscure Spanish team – taking them up 3 divisions, winning La Liga (32 times) and the Champions League (12 times).
  • lived in Barcelona for a year around a decade ago, working as a Unix administrator.

Kelly Schuur joins us as an Inside Sales Rep from Box where she spent two and a half years in sales. In her first three weeks she closed one of the biggest deals on the team! More from Kelly:

  • she lived in Madagascar and Mali for 2 years as a part of the US Peace Corps
  • she is a SCUBA Dive Master and the cutest animal she has ever seen underwater is a juvenile boxfish
  • she has been to Timbuktu (literally) and back!

Chicago native Joe Ryan joins Intercom as an Inside Sales Rep after getting an MBA and playing around in the start-up world. He ran a demo in his first week and figured out how to price and package large expansion deals in his second week. Joe is basically a veteran in less than a month. More about Joe:

  • graduated from Indiana University….huge Indiana Hoosiers (basketball) fan
  • he is a Hult Master’s graduate
  • he loves to hike, camp, and box

Engineer Henry Larkin has joined the mobile ranks of Intercom and has had an instant impact on our new Android suite of products. Henry has just graduated from University College Cork’s computer science program where he built an awesome sandwich recommendation engine for his final year project! More about Henry:

  • he has been a member of a local St Vincent De Paul Youth Group in Tipperary with around five years, helping the elderly and impoverished in the community
  • he has co-written two papers on sandwich recommenders that will be published as part of the ICCBR this September
  • he has been helping the South-East Woodturners Chapter set up and manage stalls at the Kilkenny Arts Festival since he was four

James, Brian Long, Arran & Eoin Nolan

James Treanor joins Intercom as an iOS engineer after graduating from University College Cork’s Computer Science program alongside Henry. Apart from writing and maintaining his own apps in his spare time, like his Leaving Cert points calculator, James is both a keen surfer and a keen diver! More about James:

  • if he is not programming, he is probably in the sea somewhere, either scuba diving or surfing.
  • when he did his Leaving Cert, he saw how frustrating results day can be so he made a simple iPhone app. It has now been downloaded 50,000 times.
  • he loves to travel and see new places.

Product engineer Brian Long is an experienced Java and Python developer and joins us after seven years with Amazon. Brian has been spending his first few weeks at Intercom helping out our infrastructure and platform teams with some scalability improvements before diving into product engineering next week. More about Brian:

  • he enjoys hiking, football and, on occasion, ploughing up a golf course.
  • he was once threatened with prison in a Sub-Saharan country after landing in a 4 seater airplane and forgetting to go through passport control.

Product Engineer Arran McCabe also joins us from Amazon where he worked on the network monitoring team, specialising in failure detection on one of the largest networks in the world. He’s already made some big changes to a core message delivery service and we’re looking forward to seeing what he can do when he’s fully up to speed in Ruby! More about Arran:

  • he is an avid music fan and loves everything from easy listening to heavy metal
  • his first taste of coding was Lego Mindstorms when he was 11 and he hasn’t stopped since

Having completed his Masters in Trinity College Dublin and an internship with MasterCard last year, Eoin Nolan has already made a big impact within our messaging team. Quickly getting up to speed with Ember.js, he has already contributed to our new message wizard and shipped a new message duplication feature in his first week. More about Eoin:

  • he just completed a Masters in Computer Science that revolved around analysing the relationships and sentiment of literature pieces using new graph analysis and visualisation techniques.
  • he is a huge rugby fan who tries to get to as many Ireland and Leinster games as possible.
  • he loves cycling as a way to keep fit and relax, you’ll often find him up the Dublin mountains somewhere…

Waheed, Seán & Johanna

Waheed El Miladi also joins us as a Product Engineer having recently completed his BSc in Computing at the National College of Ireland. On joining us he took a tour through several teams where he produced outstanding work. He’s settled on our delivery team where he’s already building out the next generation of Intercom’s message delivery services! Waheed also:

  • was a chef for eight years before going back to college to study computer science.
  • has broken his arms three times and sprained his wrists twice in BMX and skating accidents
  • has been teaching his six year old daughter to code for the past year.

Seán Smithers joins Intercom as a Product Engineer from AOL where he worked in advertising technologies. We’re excited to have Seán on board and see how he will help our conversations team move to the next level. More about Seán:

  • he has competed at the Irish National Diving Championships in both springboard and platform events on a number of occasions. He also used to be an assistant coach for Dublin Diving Club (no longer active).
  • whenever he gets the chance he heads off on tour with his friends band acting as a roadie. Because of this he has got to hang out with some of his favourite bands and seen lots of cool places in Europe.
  • he once bit through his own tongue in an unfortunate trampolining accident (and he still has the scar to prove it).

Johanna O’Connor (thats me!) joined Intercom after seven years of recruiting engineering talent in Dublin for companies including Microsoft and Google but most recently spent my last 3 years with Amazon. I am really excited about the journey ahead with Intercom and will be looking to keep you updated on our future hiring as we continue to grow. Some fun facts about me:

  • I’ve recently started learning to juggle (mainly just on Intercom nights out) and apparently I’m doing pretty good! Its addictive.
  • I love sailing, I dont have a boat but its my mission in life to get back out there after plenty of experience as a kid.
  • I haven’t really done anything too crazy in life other than deciding last minute to cycle from Dublin to Wexford 8 years ago and for some reason I’m doing it again this September for charity.


We’re hiring for a wide range of positions in both Dublin & San Francisco. Interested in joining us? Get in touch! Reach out to Johanna and check out our careers page for more info.