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Welcome our new Intercomrades


2014 has been a great year for recruitment at Intercom both in Dublin and San Francisco. We are always hiring driven, talented people and here’s the latest additions to the team.

Jeff, Kevin & Jonathan

Jeff Kriege joins us from Atlassian where he spent five years leading a design team responsible for the company’s brand and marketing touchpoints. You can read about an early identity redesign he did for them here. Needless to say, we’re stoked to have Jeff’s creative talents and vast experience to help us take our marketing to new heights. Fun facts about Jeff:

  • He got into design through a childhood interest in drawing and computers, looking to combine the two. He still likes to scratch the drawing itch through illustration as a hobby.
  • He was once in a covers band called The Its, which only covered songs with “it” in the title: Beat It, Push It, Whip It, etc.
  • Recently Jeff had his first kid, Max. Before that, [he says himself,] he had more hobbies to put on fun facts lists!

Kevin McNally joins as our first analyst in Dublin. He previously led data insights at an online gaming company, and prior to that worked towards his PhD focused on recommender systems. A wicked smart guy, Kevin’s come in and quickly helped us better organize our data and uncover insights about our product. Fun facts about Kevin:

  • Kevin loves to teach. He has taught a bunch of stuff over the years including guitar, piano and physics to school kids, artificial intelligence to undergrads and postgrads, and x86 assembly programming to mature students.
  • He has worked in a couple of random places – rural Haiti and Tanzania – teaching computer literacy.
  • He’s had multiple concussions and broken bones. His latest one was a broken knee-cap from a cycling accident.

Jonathan Herron joins us as a product manager after spending just over three years at McCann Blue. His leadership skills as well as UX and design expertise are already in full swing with his new team. We look forward to what the future holds for him at Intercom. Some more about Jonathan:

  • He loves travelling. When he was a kid he got to walk from Thailand to Myanmar in the Golden Triangle.
  • He’s a huge fan of Leinster rugby.
  • He started his career as a photo retoucher and illustrator before moving into design.

Austin, Anna, Teila

Austin Halpin joins our ranks as a customer success engineer in Dublin. Coming from a web app developer role with TerminalFour, Austin has ramped up on Intercom in an astonishingly short amount of time, especially considering he has only started learning Ruby and getting familiar with Ruby on Rails. More about Austin….

  • Originally Austin was going to study Law in University but changed his mind last minute. Apparently its the best decision he ever made!
  • He only discovered cheesecake this year and is now addicted to all kinds of it.
  • He also enjoys snooker and goes to the World Championship in Sheffield every year.

Anna Schmidt was working in PR for ophthalmologists just weeks ago and is now picking-up the tech world fast as one of our account development representatives. She is already on the phone demonstrating Intercom and getting customers signed-up. More about Anna:

  • She grew up on an island in the Puget Sound
  • She has about 30 pets at the moment.
  • Her greatest fear is heights – but in an attempt to conquer that fear she climbed the steps up the Eiffel Tower on her 23rd birthday. She may have gotten stuck half way.

Teila Evans moved down from Seattle just weeks ago and is loving the Silicon Valley sunshine. In her first week as an account development rep she attended our drink-up in San Francisco and successfully met every customer in the room. The second week she started signing-up new customers and making them successful. Teila says traveling is her lifeblood, she’s been to Mexico, France [Elle parle français], Switzerland, Spain, Bahamas, and is excited for the next adventure. Some fun facts about Telia:

  • She is a Seahawks fan for life and did MMA in WA before she moved!
  • Has an adorable pet chihuahua
  • Is dual-handed– similar to ambidextrous, but not tied to writing.


We’re hiring in Dublin and San Francisco. Interested in joining us? Get in touch at jobs@intercom.io to find out more.