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Welcoming New Intercomrades!


On Wednesday, we announced that we’ve grown our team to over 40 people, and we’re expanding every day. We’re thrilled to introduce those who joined us in 2013!

Eoin, Mark, Fabrizio, and Stephen

Eoin Hennessy is a manager of engineering, who has a delightful attention to detail and elegance when writing code, which has inspired those around him to write better code too. He leads others with a calm, consistent style. Some more about Eoin:

  • He has been an Intercom user since the early days with his side-project, later.fm,
  • He loves sailing and sailed across the Atlantic last summer,
  • Recites the following every morning; “The internal components of your software should exhibit the same grace and utility as the external components — looking under the hood should be delightful, not horrifying.” – Coda Hale

Mark King is a product engineer who, in his first week, displayed his ability to quickly understand and cope with complexity by shipping open and click tracking for in app messages. More about Mark:

  • The most fun piece of software he’s written is a device driver implementing Massive Arrays of Idle Disks (MAID) in the Linux kernel,
  • He enjoys playing drums and has even recorded a demo with his band,
  • He tries to stay involved with Dublin 1 Game a Month – a group in which members develop a small game based on a theme every month, and meet up to discuss each others’ work and play some fun video games.

Fabrizio Menghini Calderón is a product engineer passionate about doing the right thing, and doing it well. He’s always looking for ways to improve what he’s working on, and how we work together. Most importantly, he ships the right thing, and he ships it quickly. More about Fabrizio:

  • He loves Japanese animation and has 4.5TB of fansub videos,
  • He was one of the first to get an internet connection in the computer science faculty at his university (1995),
  • When he was 12, he experimented the effects of an inducted electromagnetic field on a depleted AA battery through a solenoid. When he connected the plug, he blew up all the electric circuit in his grandmother’s house.

Stephen O’ Brien is a natural product guy, with an amazing ability to do the right thing, and do it quickly. Only that we know otherwise, we’d say Stephen had been a deep part of the web industry for the last 5 years, it’s clear that’s where his future is. Some interesting facts about Stephen:

  • He is passionate about classical music: piano and singing,
  • As a frustrated teenage web designer, he launched the first web browser advocacy site – StopIE.com – in 2004 to persuade the general public to move on from Internet Explorer 6, which convinced tens of thousands to switch (Here’s a cached link),
  • He studied and practiced for the last several years as a chemical engineer with companies like GlaxoSmithKline, Cadbury, and Kraft Foods but felt a strong calling to come back and work on the web.

Bill, Jamie, Shekman & Eugene

Bill de hÓra has an unmatchable combination of experience, enthusiasm, passion, and attitude. He contributes at all levels, from debugging and fixing the trickiest bugs, to owning complicated product features, to giving guidance and leadership on high level tasks and strategy. More about Bill:

  • He worked for and trained under renowned London bartender Dick Bradsell, with one fond memory being a night serving Catch-22 author Joseph Heller,
  • He got into programming by accident, loved it, and found his first software job via a classified ad in a newspaper,
  • He has degrees in Industrial Design and Artificial Intelligence, and says someday he might even get to use them!

Jamie Osler, a recent CS grad, has the discipline, insight and ability of someone working professionally for years. From week one, he was owning and shipping projects. Jamie…

  • Moved from the UK to Dublin 6 years ago to study, and loves living and working in the city, particularly enjoying all the fantastic places to wine and dine,
  • Is an enthusiastic self-taught cook, and can cook a mean roast dinner with all the trimmings,
  • Loves to travel, with a recent visit to India being amongst the highlights.

Shekman Tang joins our Product Design team after spending two years working as a UX Designer at iQ Content, designing interactive experiences for clients including Citibank and Telefonica Ireland. Shek has a strong technical background, including a MSc in Human Centred Systems and a BSc in Computer Science.  Just weeks into the new role, Shek designed a new onboarding tour, and refined many design details around user message delivery and seen state. Here are some interesting facts about Shek:

  • He’s an avid badminton player,
  • Shek and his team programmed robots to play soccer and won the Robocup in China in 2008,
  • Originally from Hong Kong, Shek has lived in Dublin for 10 years and managed to avoid picking up a Dublin accent!

Eugene has made a big impact in a short period of time. He managed our move from single to multithreaded API servers – cutting the RAM usage on our fleet by over 80%, while also fixing some subtle concurrency issues. Here are some interesting facts about Eugene…

  • He has spent the last 3 years writing PHP at Adverts.ie, but has always been a Rubyist at heart and can’t wait to get back to working on a Rails application,
  • Along with some friends a few years ago, he built a journey planner to help people get around Dublin on public transport,
  • Instead of a traditional cover letter, he applied for the job by creating a simple website about his experience and installing Intercom on it. That way, Intercom could contact him through Intercom about working at Intercom.

Martin, Matthew & Ruairi

Martin Brennan joined as an engineer on the success team in early July to help Jeff handle our customer support. Based in our Dublin office, Martin is a Rails engineer, with a massive appetite for learning and is currently knee deep in Angular.js. A bit more about Martin:

  • For his final year project, he built a Poker Application in Ruby on Rails and Backbone.js which allowed users to play live hands in a browser against each other,
  • He’s interned with Clavis Technologies, working primarily with Ruby and Ruby on Rails,
  • 2 years ago, he went to Illinois to train with professional mixed martial artists for 3 months. He also practices Brazilian Jui Jitsu!

Matthew Barrington shares our taste for simple, immutable infrastructure. His experience building and running systems will be used to enable the product team to ship at an increasingly fast rate, while improving Intercom’s reliability. Some interesting facts about Matthew:

  • His aunt was the Irish Ambassador to Tanzania,
  • He has had a bug fix accepted to Ansible Project,
  • He’s got encyclopedic knowledge of English comedy!

Ruairi Galavan joins us after a career in UX consultancy, and is in charge of content for the success team. This includes giving Intercom seminars, writing and maintaining our documentation, and most of all, producing many videos on topics ranging from Creating a Message Schedule through to Writing Messages that work. Ruairi also…

  • Recently drove his 1997 Toyota Caldina from Dublin to Sarajevo and back,
  • Has made music videos for some top acts like First Aid Kit, Kila, Fionn Regan, and The Hot Sprockets,
  • Estimates that he’s conducted 300+ hours of user tests as a UX designer/researcher in the past.
  • Patrick, Nate & Bobby

Patrick O’Doherty joined Intercom as an engineer in San Francisco, where his enthusiasm, talent and wisdom have been critical. More about Patrick:

  • Worked with Ben McRedmond on 2 different Young Scientist projects winning 1st in the category both times, first to create a social network named HiPPstr and then to predict the outcome of the X Factor to within 1% of the final vote by using machine learning and Twitter data,
  • Started a startup at 18 that provided productivity tools and service to phone-based sales teams as well as metrics and organizational tools to their managers,
  • Can right a kayak 3 different ways, 2 without using a paddle.

Nate Munger joined us as a customer advocate. Nate works with our team to report on the primary issues & opportunities that come up during conversations with customers, and also is available to our customers to offer best practices for messaging schedules. In addition Nate gives live Intercom demos to customers who need to see more before they can purchase. More about Nate:

  • Before making the switch to Startups Nate taught High School History for 11 years in Bay Area public schools,
  • Nate is in a band called The Union Trade, helped found the SF indie label Tricycle Records and has showcased at SXSW Music twice,
  • Nate recently completed a 7 day backpacking trip in the Mineral King back country of Sequoia National Park where he climbed two 12,000 ft passes, enjoyed the excuse to eat 3 to 4 thousand calories a day and experienced his first Sierra Nevada hail storm.

Bobby Pinero joined us in October as our first analytics hire, and his been wowing us with his Excel magic ever since. More about Bobby:

  • He was born and lived the first few years of his life in Puerto Rico. He’s fluent in Spanish, which is his first language,
  • His favorite trip was a week-long trek through Patagonia, followed closely by the 10 days he spent on Easter Island,
  • He biked 4,000 miles across the United States in 9 weeks, starting in New Hampshire and finishing in Vancouver BC, helping build homes with Habitat for Humanity along the way!

Interested in joining?

We’re continuing to hire. Specifically we’re looking for designers & engineers in San Francisco and Dublin. A full list of vacancies is on our careers page.