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We’re hiring a Senior Ruby Engineer


We need help. The Intercom userbase and roadmap is growing fast. And while David and Ciaran are the most productive and able engineers I’ve ever come across, they are but two men.

The person we’re looking for will:

  1. Work with our team in Dublin. If they’re really amazing, they can work remotely and visit Dublin twice a month.
  2. Have studied computer science or similar, formally or informally. (We’ll test you to make sure you know your stuff.)
  3. Be extremely familiar with Ruby, modern web development techniques and technologies, and modern web culture.
  4. Be willing to work as hard as we do, which is hard but healthy.

The opportunity for this person includes:

  1. A generous salary, plus benefits, plus options commensurate with being our first employee.
  2. A position with an exciting Valley-based startup, with San Francisco and Dublin offices and the option to take regular visits to both.
  3. A chance to help architect an extremely big software system—our private beta is tracking half a million end-users already.
  4. A rewarding, fun adventure with an amazingly talented team (plus me, and my mom says I’m cool) who are trying to disrupt a multi-billion dollar market over the next 10+ years.

Des says the new engineer needs to “be in it to win it.” Nice one, Des.

If you’re this person, please get in touch: eoghan AT intercom DOT io.